Impact Report 2017

Publication date: 2nd May 2018

The Greenpeace Beluga arrives to the Shiants to survey and clean plastic waste from the beaches of Eilean Taighe. The Shiant Isles are home to large populations of seabirds, including thousands of Puffins, Guillemots and Razorbills found on the cree slopes of the island Garbh Eilean. The islands are also home to northern fulmars, shags, skuas, gulls and kittiwakes. The three main islands are called Garbh Eilean (rough island) and Eilean an Taighe (house island) and Eilean Mhuire (Mary Island) The islands are uninhabited apart from the island of Eilean Taigh which houses a small bothy open to researchers and visitors. Currently nature conservation charity the RSPB are working on the island monitoring bird populations and the success of the recent rat eradication effort. Greenpeace has brought its ship the Beluga II on an expedition of scientific research around Scotland, sampling seawater for microplastics and documenting the impact of ocean plastic on some of the UK’s most precious marine life.

Looking back on the last 12 months, I’m struck by just how far we’ve come on environmental issues – progress that even in 2016 would have seemed inconceivable.

Our annual impact report gives a snapshot of what we achieved in 2017, none of which would have been possible without the help of ordinary people deciding to do something from where they are – signing petitions, taking part in community events, donating and adding their voices to campaigns.

Click here for an online version of our 2017 impact report, or download the .pdf version below.

John Sauven

Executive Director

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