Nearly 80% of diesel cars exceed emissions limit in latest Which? tests – Greenpeace reaction

Publication date: 17th August 2018

Responding to the news that 80% of diesel cars failed real world emissions tests in a recent trial by consumer group Which?, Greenpeace Clean Air campaigner Morten Thaysen said:

“These are yet more shocking findings about just how dirty diesel vehicles are. Almost 80% of diesel cars in these tests failed a ‘real world emissions test’, lining up with similar results from tests Greenpeace revealed last year.

“We already have alternatives, such as hybrids and electric, which are more efficient and better for our air and our climate. Diesel cars are making the air we breathe vile and toxic, so we need to act fast to get them off our roads immediately. Car companies like Volkswagen need to own up to their major role in causing air pollution around the country, they need to ditch diesel and go electric, and it can’t happen soon enough.”



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