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Announcing the winners of the Antarctic 360° drawing competition!

Posted by Emily Buchanan - 3rd August 2018

On a baking hot weekend in July, we built a giant geodome in the middle of Cambridge and projected the icy cold Antarctic Ocean onto the ceiling. Antarctic 360° was a huge success and thousands of you came to see us, enduring the sauna-like temperatures* of the dome to find out first hand why we need to protect this amazing place.

Afterwards, there was an opportunity for children to enter a drawing competition and we were amazed to see so many young artists rise to the challenge. We had over 150 entries, from drawings of coral reefs to the Arctic Sunrise breaking through the ice. The judging panel was made up of the Greenpeace UK Antarctic team and we had so much fun looking through the artwork.

After a lot of passionate debate, we agreed on four winners, one for each age group, who will each receive an Antarctic Explorer’s pack, including a VR headset and lots of other campaign goodies. There were so many brilliant entries that we also chose nine ‘highly commended’ artists who deserve a special mention too.

A massive well done to the winners and thank you to everyone who visited the dome and shared their creativity and enthusiasm with us. It was great to meet so many of you and put some smiley faces to the 1.8 million people who have joined the movement to protect the Antarctic.

If you haven’t yet, please sign our petition to create the world’s largest protected area on Earth – an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.

* A totally intentional representation of how the Antarctic is threatened by climate change, of course…

Age group: 3–5 years old

Winner: Tamara Krapivina

We love Tamara’s colourful vision for an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. The blue whale looks like such a character and the multi-coloured jellyfish is very eye-catching, not to mention the rainbow, which is always a sure-fire way to our hearts.

Age group: 6–8 years old

Winner: Zac Shelton

Zac’s cannonballing penguins had us all in stitches. We’ve never considered what sound penguins make under water so we’re pleased to find out that it’s ‘blub glub’. Humour is a great way to spread an important message, so well done Zac for this witty work of art.

Age group: 8–10 years old

Winner: Holly May Fretwell

We’re so impressed by Holly’s careful colouring-in and beautiful depiction of the Arctic Sunrise. The swirling purple waves are very effective and it’s so cool that she drew a scene from the film (my favourite bit) where a friendly bird came to say hello to the crew! Well done Holly.

Age group: 10–12

Winner: Gloria van der Kamp

We love how Gloria’s hot and hungry penguins capture the major threats facing the Antarctic today – climate change and industrial fishing – and that she’s shown the Arctic Sunrise coming in to save the day. Sometimes a simple stick figure is all you need. Thanks Gloria for your creativity.

Highly commended

Well done to the following nine artists whose work is highly commended. It’s wonderful to see so much talent and passion for the natural world on the display. Every pencil stroke brings us one step closer to creating an ocean sanctuary, so thank you for being part of the movement to protect the Antarctic.

Melodie Meeds
Martha Brown
Lucas Zhoa
Kalina Dalia Evans
Isla Ahmed
Iona Ahmed
Hannah Gibson
Aaron Sinegan

You can watch the Antarctic 360° film on Facebook or get the full experience by ordering a special Greenpeace VR kit for just £5.

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