Our first ever campaign, launched with the founding of Greenpeace in 1971, ultimately resulted in a global ban of nuclear weapons testing. Since then, we’ve played a pivotal role in a number of successes on the way to a greener, juster and more peaceful world, including:

  • the adoption of a ban on toxic waste exports to less developed countries
  • a moratorium on commercial whaling
  • a United Nations convention providing for better management of world fisheries
  • a Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  • a 50-year moratorium on mineral exploitation in Antarctica
  • bans on the dumping at sea of radioactive and industrial waste and disused oil installations and
  • an end to large-scale driftnet fishing on the high-seas.

Below are just a few of the positive environmental changes that Greenpeace has helped to bring about in the last few years (for a more comprehensive list, have a browse through our history). Every one of these successes was made possible by the generous financial help of our supporters.

Campaign Updates